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Porcini mushrooms are as great a treasure to the Piedmont as truffles. The porcini have a meat-like texture with an earthy and somewhat nutty flavor. Porcini grow in association with specific trees. Cascina Revignano offers a delicate taste for a perfect appetizer to be enjoyed with family or friends. Only the freshest, firmest mushrooms are used in order to maintain unchanged the taste and aroma, so it is possible to remember the autumn and the woods with their colors and scents, all the year round.


  • Porcini mushrooms in olive oil
  • Mixed mushrooms in olive oil
  • Cardoncelli mushrooms in olive oil
  • Pack of 180 g
  • Porcini Mushrooms and tuna starter
  • Pack of 280 g

We recommend eating our mushrooms with a simple slice of bread or adding them to a salad to make them tasty and appetising!

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