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...a "must" between all the Piedmotese starters!

Anchovies are one of the ingredients of the typical Piedmontese cuisine, strange to say for a region far from the sea. But the reason is linked to the historic smuggling of salt that arrived in Piedmont (the kingdom of Savoy) from France through the Alps. During those times the anchovies were cheaper and were then used to hide the salt crossing of borders.


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Anchovies with parsil or red sauce is one of the starters more typical of our tradition, a simple recipe but with intense taste. The tasty blue fish is enriched with a fragrant sauce of parsley, garlic and red pepper or with a particular tomato sauce


  • Anchovies in red sauce
  • Anchovies in green sauce
  • Anchovies rolled with capers
  • Pack of 156 g

Taste our anchovies on a warm summer evening with a well-chilled white wine, for a moment of sheer heaven!

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