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Fragrant vegetables in glass make a tempting starter to enjoy all-year round.

Piedmont cuisine was born from the best recipes of the poor rural tradition. The Ortolana, also known as The Piedmontese starter, is a dish with ancient and very simple origins. Indeed, in the past it was a method to preserve vegetables from the garden throughout the year. Today, the Ortolana is a valued recipe, low in calories, yet very tasty and full of aroma.


IMG 0358 Ortolana min

Freshly- picked fragrant vegetables are chopped and cooked over a low flame. Blending them with tomato sauce, tuna and extra-virgin olive oil turns peppers, green beans, carrots, onions and celery into a fresh-tasting, richly flavoured feast.


  • 580 g
  • 370 g
  • 280 g

Delicious starter perfect with cold cuts, it can be seasoned with a boiled egg and served on a slice of toasted bread for a typical summer bruschetta.

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